Zero 2 Heroes
Meet the Need, Exceed the Standards

Consultation and Support

Z2H staff and consultants provide essential mobile support and consulting to comply with CAL OSHA and NFPA safety requirements.

Medical Services -
  • All Risk Disaster Mobile Medical Support
  • Heat Illness Prevention and Support
  • A.N.S.I. Compliant Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Station
  • Single Resource Decontamination Support
  • Medical Treatment Mobile Support
  • All Terrain Off-Road Ambulance Transport (coming Nov. 2014)
  • Events Support
Consulting -
  • CAL OSHA Compliant Training (Replacement for MSDS)
  • All Risk Logistical/Functional Support - ICS Compliant

Training/Facilitation -

  • Self Rescue Within A Compromised Structure 
  • Evacuation Skills & Awareness Training
  • Patient Supported Evacuation Skills      Training
  • Hands on Decontamination Skills Training absent of 911 support

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